I had a reading with Colleen this morning, and two family members came through, Colleen was able to pick up attributes of both them (and me) without prompting. She was also able to see my current situation and I found her to be empathetic and empowering as she conveyed a message that I really needed to hear about the situation. Colleen was able to pick up my inner fears and concerns as well as giving me the guidance and wisdom to face them. Thank you Colleen for your wonderful insight. i highly recommend Colleen to anyone seeking guidance. – JessΒ 

My reading experience with Colleen was very interesting and enjoyable. Not really having any expectations I was surprised when a long lost uncle came through. The fact that he did made perfect sense as the reading progressed. Colleen was very accurate with the details of this uncle some I had no idea about as he died when I was very young, but in checking with my mother were spot on. Through the course of the reading Colleen was able to re-connect me with this uncle and helped me make sense of what was coming through. Her intuition and insight is quite remarkable. If you’re interested in a medium reading, definitely get in touch with Colleen. She has a lovely relaxed and caring energy about her that will immediately put you at ease and will definitely make your reading experience with her, and whoever comes through, an experience to remember. -Glen

I just finished reading with Colleen this morning, and she had connected with spirits of my past family members that were giving me personal messages for my life’s future directions and also for questions that left me wondering before I sleep. Those messages came just at the right time, and I adore Colleen for how gentle, attentive, and detailed she conveyed their messages to me. (Those were very helpful messages by the way, Colleen, thanks again!) And one very striking fact for me is the connection made by Colleen with the my spirit guides, very loving and real. Will definitely recommend her for future readings! -Francine

Colleen was amazing. She was able to bring through not only what my grandmother said, but the way she said it! It was like she was alive with me then and there. I even asked a question in my mind for my grandma to answer. Within seconds Colleen started answering it; that blew me away! Colleen is such a lovely soul with an amazing gift. Highly recommended. – Sarah

I just had a reading with this wonderful lady. I’m in awe of how wonderfully she gave messages of loved ones past on to me and how she also was also emotionally touched by my messages. I would definitely recommend a session with Colleen. – Angela

What a wonderful experience I had in my reading with Colleen DuBois. My Darling Mum, who passed two years ago, was very keen to come through and speak to me through Colleen. So keen that she was waiting a few hours earlier than our booked time. Colleen was wonderfully gentle and compassionate and I will definitely be coming back to her for further readings in the future. It was an amazing experience that is difficult to put into words. I highly recommend Colleen. – Suzanne

Colleen as able to speak to a loved one I never thought would have come through. She was able to confirm details she couldn’t have possibly known. I have been able to move forward on my daily life with healing, love and happiness. Thankyou Colleen !!! It was amazing. – Anne

I didn’t know what to expect, and I love it how ready Colleen was before our call. My guardian angel came through very quick and the accuracy that Colleen had was wonderful. And she even had my german shepard soul come through too. As well giving me the messages from my late husband, she also tuned into my soul and delivered the messages that I wasn’t able to hear and her words of encouragement was just heart melting. I walked away from the reading uplifted and energised. If you are in doubt and need guidance to how your loved one is doing or cant hear your soul, please connect with Colleen, you will be extra surprised. – Maria

I really enjoyed my session with Colleen, she knew exactly who turned up for my session and was able to immediately give me evidence to know who she was communicating with. So lovely to hear from my aunt and connect with her once again. Thank you – Narelle