Who I am

Stealthily… in search of the key

we dip into pockets, near and far

yet to discover

that illusive ‘Freedom’

exists within.

I grew up in Melbourne, Australia the youngest of six siblings. My childhood was a tumultuous one. My early memories are not joyous and soothing, and for most of my adult life I have willingly let them slip to the back of my memory vault. In recent years I have grown to acknowledge that drawing them out does not have to be scary. For better or worse, these experiences have moulded much (though by no means all..) of who I am today.

Although I escaped the emotional and psychological turmoil at sixteen years of age, the path it meant I would embark upon was a challenging one. Stepping out from a cult-like home environment into the ‘big bad world’, was fraught with fear, isolation, desperation and frequent darkness. It took me on a courageous journey of self discovery via several relationships, paths of study, changes of careers, emotional highs and lows, a myriad of therapeutic methodologies and a spiritual quest to connect to my soul purpose.

Fast forward to today, I SO appreciate my meandering path of personal growth and achievements which I can confidently state has created a woman I would be damn proud to have as a daughter.

Importantly, I whole heartedly understand I was put here on our earth to help those (maybe like you…) who are in need of some guidance to find their own authenticity in living an inspired and connected life. Perhaps you sometimes hear that voice of your higher self gently encouraging a little more acknowledgement of who you truly are? We all possess those deep inner reserves that at times that we just may need some help unearthing. There is courage in the act of seeking out our innermost dreams and desires, no matter what we have been previously told or experienced about what is possible for us.

Just like me, you may need a helping hand from someone who has walked a rocky roadme-on-couch before you, as you find yourself teetering… not sure of where to confidently place the next step.

This is my Mission…to hold out my hand and offer the firm grip you may need to take that step forward in the direction you crave.

Much Love

Colleen xx