Get your #higherselfie with Bob. Line up here…

Have you noticed? Everrrrryone want’s to know WHO’s got the latest bag of tricks to access their “higher self”. Everrrrryone wants to get an introduction.

Well here’s your Guest Pass…

You know that personal trainer that lives in your head? Not the one that just bangs on about going for a run and who smacks your hand when you reach for a piece of cake; no I am talking about the life skills personal trainer. She’s personal because she’s all yours. All your creation. You totally made her up. (Remember this gem for later..) She that super styled up, sassy as hell chick with the IQ of Einstein, who just tells it to you like it is. Her name is something like Minerva (because she’s a Goddess and you’re not).

She carries a shiny black briefcase full of neatly organized folders, that keep life orderly and sane; and a little black book to record every stuff up you have made in order to haunt you with later, should she feel the whim to do so. Minerva doesn’t hold back with her opinion of you. Her rather brittle authoritative tone can be heard loudest particularly when you are trying to sleep, as she delivers a scathing account of how you should be managing your life better. Minerva’s résumé is pretty darn impressive: elite education, experience to die for and a published Book of Judgement with “guest chapters” written by your parents, grandparents, Grade 1 teacher, local pastor, the woman next door, your first boyfriend’s mother and your sociology lecturer from university.

And then there is Bob

Come on. You know Bob. You find him usually sitting under a palm tree somewhere in your subconscious. Bob wears thongs on his feet, rain hail or shine…just because it’s easy. When you question Bob’s choice of attire, he just gives you the thumbs up. Bob loves to stop to smell the roses (which can be really annoying when you are on a mission to get somewhere). When you try and hurry him along, Bob just shrugs his shoulders and smiles.

Bob likes to sit on the floor with his legs crossed, looking into a candle flame. He points things out to you all the time, like trees, clouds in the sky that look like dragons and care bears; that Ed Sheeran song that reminds you of your Pa; those discounted flight deals to Hawaii. When you protest that you don’t have the money for a holiday, or any other self-indulgent folly, Bob just gives you a hug, releasing the stress knot in your stomach and leaving you feeling like somehow it’s all going to be ok.

Bob hasn’t written a book. He doesn’t even have a resume. But Bob loves to doodle. There’s magic in those doodles. Yeah man.. Magic. Like just your inner knowing and stuff that comes out in little pictures and words. At first they make no sense, but then you look deeper and longer, until your vision gets a bit blurry and your heart rate slows down, and you begin to feel Bob’s vibe you know? Like that “Ah haaa” moment, when you totally just know what’s most important for YOU to do next.


Remember Minerva?

When I hear a client say they want to learn to  get to know their Higher Self, I get a good sense that’s because they are really sick to death of Minerva. They are sooooo over her loud, obnoxious, scathing voice. But guess what? You created Minerva… or your Gertrude….or your Ian… or whatever his or her name is. That ‘holier than thou’ voice that echoes parents, ex-boyfriends, teachers, priests, and angry personal trainers. You accepted her rantings for years, because that’s just what you did. But you are OVER IT! She doesn’t make you, me or my clients happy! Her advice can actually be really solid. But that’s just it. Solid like a slab of concrete…just set and done. How boring.

But its just really challenging because Minerva is just SO in your face! So damn loud and convincing. But you just know don’t you that there’s someone knocking about within you, who is just like Bob. And you want to be like Bob. You think you remember Bob from your childhood…he gives you that sense of Deja Vu…

The problem is, a chat with Bob can be kind of like waiting for the smoke signals from the other side of the forest. He’s not always the world’s greatest communicator, and you seem to need to get really still and quiet to focus on the images and feelings he likes to send your way.

Learning to recognise true inner wisdom, by opening yourself to Bob’s unique counsel is really worth it.

You just need to become really patient. And to trust. I promise that you too, can Be Like Bob. Because you are Bob. You are your Higher Self. So over to you now. What can you do to get acquainted? Let me know if you need any ideas.


Much Love,

Colleen xx

P.S. Bob likes both green tea and beer. No need to be judgemental. Just maybe have both on hand when he comes to visit.

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