BOO! Don’t be scared!

As a Medium, one of the most common questions I hear is “But isn’t seeing Spirit scary?”. Many clients and emerging mediums have memories of seeing various forms of “spirit” as a child and sometimes they found the experience frightening.

Although the idea of “seeing” Spirit again intrigues them, fear can act as a block to being able to connect with Spirit and to enjoying all the wondrous aspects of the 5-D world that opens up as a result.


But isn’t a bit of fear a good thing?

Well, yes fear can be constructive in that it alerts us to danger. If we’re about to be driven off the road, we will naturally feel some fear because we’re in danger of being injured or worse, of dying! Of course this kind of fear serves us.

But fear is often unjustified. Think about each time you have started something new…a new job, a new relationship, turning up for a class you have never done before. Well the same can be said for psychic development. As you will have learnt by your own experience, it can be really beneficial to challenge our fears that arise when we are doing something new. It’s useful to consider the question: What are you actually afraid of? If you really really want to learn and develop in the realm of mediumship, you need to choose to get clear on this so that you can deconstruct your fear.

But Seeing Spirit Is Frightening… Isn’t It?

It’s no wonder many of us are terrified of meeting ghosts in the night. Many of us as teenagers and young people, joined in the thrill of being entertained by the supernatural. I am the biggest woos you will find when it comes to scary movies, so all I needed (and still need!!!) was to watch the TV show “Ghost Whisperer”  to scare the bejeezus out of me! But for those who have watched shows about the paranormal like this and worse, and know little about the spiritual realm, they will have unconsciously learnt that the spirit world is terrifying and down right dangerous.

It leads to people who become aware of their emerging psychic abilities, feeling worried about being at risk of having objects moving around the house, voices coming at them in the dark of the night and of seeing creepy decapitated bodies moving sitting at the kitchen table. Please rest assured, the reality of engaging with the spirit world is much, MUCH less eventful.

I do see spirits, the souls of people who have passed, but represented as images in my mind’s eye. And yes, I hear voices, that I know are not my own; but not like a voice in the room existing without a body, more like my inner voice that may use words, phrases or possess a tone that is simply not my own. It takes practice and lots of it, to discern the difference…so it unfolds as quite understandable and not in the least bit scary.

Spirit is who we are. We are meant to embrace the physical and non-physical worlds equally.

Not fear them!

In our collective consciousness, typically the authorities of religion have instilled a belief that it’s better not to mess with the spirit realm. Fortunately by the time I began to recognise communication from Spirit, I had truly dissected my own highly orthodox religious upbringing, that I felt confidence that this simply wasn’t true. I believed in the Arch Angels, as beings of absolute guidance and love. I believed that the Higher Power, whatever we choose to call it, only intends delicious love and support; not fear and damnation if I did not comply like a “good girl”. I believed in life after death, but with the opportunity for all souls to receive love, forgiveness and renewal. This mindset enabled me to embrace my mediumship development wholeheartedly. But these sorts of ingrained and unchallenged beliefs are unfortunately enough to put many Mediumship students off their development. And sadly, they inhibit so many people from the wonderfully healing experience of connecting with their beloved family members and friends in Spirit.

This culturally embedded fear realistically just stems from a lack of understanding of the spirit realm and how we are all connected between worlds. Consider cultures who have traditions devoted to working with the spirit realm…. Native American Indians, for example, accept there is nothing scary about connecting with Spirit or deceased ancestors.

Negative Entities 

I am often asked, “So if we open ourselves up to Spirit, don’t we invite both good and bad spirits into our world?”. The answer is.. Well, yes. In my experience low-vibrational spirits do exist, but once you understand how they operate, you soon realize that they are nowhere near as powerful as they are often represented.

Let me explain…

We, as beings of Light get our vital life force from God/Source/the Creator (choose the word that fits best for you). This is the energy which feeds our Soul. Source or God is the only energy that is. Negative energies exist wherever there is an absence of Source, or light energy. That’s why they’re called dark energies.

I believe that as part of our creation, dark energy evolved so that Life could experience itself as many polar opposites, including positive and negative, masculine and feminine, light and dark. In experiencing these polarities, we then have the opportunity to sit with negativity as well as positivity. As a result, experientially we learn to identify what we stand for and hopefully choose to uplift ourselves as beings of Love and Light. We begin to recognise ourselves as being one with the Source energy that we came from.  Singularly and collectively, we evolve in the identification of our human selves as beings of Light.


You will only attract an entity who scares you if you buy into the idea that you can be harmed by it; that there is something to fear.


There may be cases where people believe there is no such thing as negative forces. This all depends on your belief system…and your personal experiences. If you are a believer in the Dark side, and you buy into your fears to such an extent that you really believe you can be harmed by negative forces, you may just let them succeed.

“How so?”, you say?

If you feel fear in the presence of an entity you deem to be negative, that nourishes the idea of the negative entity, creating an energy that expands, getting scarier and scarier in proportion to your fear. Do you see that if you conduct your responses like this, then YOU are the one who is feeding the negativity? In contrast, if you consciously and pro-actively banish any form of negative entity, it shrinks as it has nothing to feed off. Put simply, ANYTHING in life that you perceive as negative, is only as powerful as you allow it to be.

Negative forces cannot harm you without your participation. Simple as that. So the best way to face your fear is to de-mask that negativity.  Tell that dark dude to F-Off! And watch him run in the other direction. Light will always overpower the Dark.

But what if Spirit says something to make us fearful or upset?

Every time I sit with Spirit and make a connection on behalf of a client, the same theme appears in the messages we receive. Our Loved Ones who have passed, yet remain energetically very present in our lives, want us to know WE ARE LOVED! Their messages are overwhelmingly in support of the friends and family who miss them, and even those who don’t. They want us to be true to our authentic selves; they want us to fulfill our wildest dreams; they want us to take care of our emotional, physical and spiritual well being; and most importantly, they want us to never feel alone in this lifetime. They want us to feel their love. Fractures in relationships with our friends and family are identified and forgiveness and understanding is sought…from their side at least.

Let me know your experiences. I would love to know. I really truly would.

And if you would like some mentoring around your emerging connection with the Spirit World, I can offer that too.

In Love and Light

Colleen DuBois xx




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