Who are you listening to?

People will try

Today I am thankful for all the times I listened to the “voice in my head” telling me “You are not who they are telling you, you are…Fu*k that!”(Don’t you just LOVE that Voice?) ❤

Like the time my mother told me not to bother looking in the mirror as I wasn’t pretty;

Like the time the teacher told me I couldn’t have possibly written my own assignment as I was not that smart;
Like the time the boys told me I couldn’t play soccer because I was a girl;
Like the time the priest told me God was angry at me because I was a bad girl;
Like the time my father told me I had nothing decent to say so not to say anything at all;
Like the time my pseudo Foster father told me I would never complete my education and end up being “just a barefoot mother”;
Like the time my boss told me I needed to “get more Cu*t” in me, to be a success;
I am Thankful I listened to Spirit and heard the truth from my Soul 😇
Who are you listening to?

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