Let your inner light Sparkle

Recently I have been receiving some gentle reminders that fun and frivolity are soooo necessary to keeping the spark of passion for life ignited. As generally a serious minded, studious type of girl with high expectations for myself, I have never truly consistently allowed myself to be playful, loving and joyful in the expression of who I am. How sad! I have carried such self imposed limitations in a belief system that says in order to be taken seriously, I must present myself as being intellectual, serious minded and conservative πŸ˜•

I am astounded that my little Libran self has taken so long to recognise the capacity I do have to strike a balance between my grown up values of responsibility, achievement and discipline with the joy of irreverence, lightness and wonder. How much more happiness and balanced is our world when we allowΒ ourselvesΒ to feel joy, express laughter and engage in frivolity? How much more fulfilling are our relationships, and most importantly, our relationship with ourself…when we fully engage in and love all aspects of our being?

As a mother, I reflect upon how this pattern of suffocating my playfulness has impacted upon my parenting up until now. What has this meant as I have been modelling behaviour to my children over many years now?

So I ask you, what does allowing your inner light to sparkle mean to you? Does it allow you to sing out loud in the car on the way to work, or allow you buy that bright pink lipstick your inner critic says is too ‘loud’, or give you the freedom to speak up and crack that joke that you just know in your heart will make the crowd laugh? I hope this may serve as a gentle reminder to those…like me…who need some encouragement to release a little more sparkle into their world. Go on then…! And then do let me know how it feels…I’d love to hear all about it! πŸ’–

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